Timberyard UK


Yuko Inoue wins Coffee Masters NYC, 2016!

Copious tears of happiness were shed this Sunday evening when Yuko Inoue was announced winner of Coffee Masters NYC, 2016.   Having flown half way around the world to represent London’s Timberyard, the pressure on Yuko to take home the crown must have been immense — especially having gotten so close (Yuko was runner-up) in

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Barista Face-Off

Barista Face Off: Yuko Inoue vs Sonali Tailor

They might be able to deal with pressure profiling or perfecting latte art design, but how do Coffee Masters contenders measure up when we quiz them?   In this week’s Barista Face Off, testing the competitors’ wit and knowledge, we pit two of our Wildcards – both from the UK – against each other.  

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