Focus on: The Faema E71

If the opportunity to win the title ‘Coffee Master London 2018’ and a glorious cheque for £5,000 weren’t reasons enough to apply to compete in Coffee Masters at The London Coffee Festival, then news that the competition machine of choice is Faema’s E71 is sure to entice.



Technology and design


The Faema E71 is a top-of-the-range professional coffee machine. An outstanding blend of iconic design, cutting-edge technology and classical features, it was purpose-built to give baristas full flexibility to express their art.


Faema E71 allows the barista to set a different temperature for every grouphead. Even better, the new FAEMA hydraulic circuit, with its GTi infusion control system, guarantees thermal stability at all times.



The new FAEMA GTi thermal system guarantees both high-precision infusion and perfect coffee brew-time regulation. Its independent coffee boilers allow baristas to set the machine up for a wide range of different blends and specialty beverages, which translates into a more extensive coffee menu.



Baristas have the choice


This is the new era of the coffee machine, characterised by a wider range of possibilities to express talent, no matter what the situation. With the E71, the entire coffee brewing process is placed squarely in the capable hands of the barista. For one cup, or a hundred.


Even better, a ‘self-learning’ mode is available: each touchscreen button can be programmed by running the coffee brewing cycle manually. The sequence is then memorised and repeated, step by step.



Coffee is both a science and an art. It’s all in the details.  And that’s because the details are what make a good coffee great, and a great coffee wonderful. The E71 was made for this, to empower the talent and creativity of every barista with its advanced mechanics and intelligent interface.



What takes the new E71 far beyond a standard traditional machine is its human-centered design and the ideal combination of two systems: digital and traditional.

Today, adaptability is crucial to every machine’s success, because this alone enables the barista to create a beautiful coffee every time, to more than satisfy the demands of even the most discerning coffee connoisseur, whatever the request.


With this machine, the charm of tradition has found a new shape, and a new concept of innovation has taken up residence at the heart of the world of coffee.