Barista Face Off: Patrik Karlsson vs Raimonds Zadvornovs

They might be able to deal with pressure profiling or perfecting latte art design, but how do Coffee Masters contenders measure up when we quiz them?


In our first Barista Face Off we bring you two passionate baristas with exceptional attention to detail.



Patrik Rolf Karlsson from Germany takes on Raimonds Zadvornovs from Latvia.


In his signature drink video, Patrik revealed that he spent two years gathering flowers to ensure he understands the floral notes in coffee. Raimonds’ signature drink video showed him collecting water from Latvian springs, which he then infused with Juniper needles.


So we now pit barista against barista!


Patrik KarlssonPatrik-Rolf-Karlsson

Raimonds ZadvornovsRaimonds-Zadvornovs

1. How do you take your coffee?

Patrik: Tasty. (0)
Raimonds: Depends on my mood, time of day or occasion. Cappuccino in the morning, brewed filter coffee in the day and espresso after lunch. (1)

2. Whiskey or craft beer?

P: Wine. (1)
R: Definitely craft beer. (0)

3. Favourite internet pet celebrity?

P: I’m sorry, I totally missed the fact that you should have one!(0)
R: We have a local bicycle & coffee company called Tru Fix Kry and one of the owner’s Labrador is a celebrity – you can Facebook him, his name is Puika Bobis Rabarbers (Boy Bobby Rhubarb). (1)

4. Most awkward moment in your coffee career?

P: Competing for the first time. (0)
R: Probably when I started working in King Coffee Service. I thought I knew everything about coffee but I was proved otherwise by the guys already working here. That was awkward because I came to the interview very high and mighty. It was a very educational experience. (1)

5. What advice would you offer to people new to the world of speciality coffee?

P: Make new mistakes, there is no reason for you to do the same one that everyone else has already done. (1)
R: Embrace it, but be prepared to never know everything about coffee. Us Latvians have a saying: the deeper you go into a forest, the more trees you will find. I find this very appropriate regarding coffee. (0)

Winner: Raimonds with 3 points!