There’s a New Hipster in Town

In the Nordics, 65-75% of the average coffee bar’s sales are made up of filter coffee. Perhaps it’s because of the weather, perhaps not, but what we do know is that all over the world, people are starting to give filter coffee the attention it deserves, and that espresso has had for a very long time.



Nothing beats the experience of indulging in a hand-brewed coffee. Leisurely choosing your bean, casually chatting with your favourite barista whilst they weigh, grind, bloom, and brew a beautiful little pot of liquid heaven, all for you. But on those occasions (which let’s face it, is most of the time) when you just need to get in, get your cup of joe and get on with your day, hand-brewing probably isn’t the answer. But what is? Can filter coffee really deliver, maybe even beat the quality and taste of hand-brewed or espresso-based coffees? Patrik Stridsberg, Co-Creator of the 3TEMP Hipster batch brewer, believes it can.


Thanks to its quirky (if somewhat controversial) name, and unashamedly industrial design, the Hipster demands attention. Pop it on the bar, or mount on the wall, and any cafe is sure to stand out from the crowd. But let’s not be shallow — it’s what’s inside, or rather what’s not inside, that counts. Unlike other brewers, the Hipster has no boiler. No hot water stagnating anywhere — it uses fresh water only. Pretty essential when you consider that 98.6% of a cup of coffee is made up of the clear stuff.



Two recipes modes — one for batch and one for single — a three stage brew (pre-brew, extraction and end-phase) and a whole host of other exciting features the Hipster has means that:


  • baristas can make different profiles for different coffees
  • roasters can fine tune the recipes for each roast batch, print it as a QR-code and put it on the coffee bags
  • quality is more consistent
  • cafes can brew several batches of different coffees, allowing for quicker customer service


But, they say it’s best to try before you buy, which is exactly what spectators of Coffee Masters at The New York Coffee Festival will be able to do; this year, Coffee Masters contenders gain a bonus point during the Brewing Round for successfully managing to prepare a batch brew of their chosen coffee for the audience to taste, using the Hipster.


And that’s not all. Get your Festival ticket today and you’ll be able to take part in Brew With The Barista workshops live on the Coffee Masters’ stage, giving you the chance to learn more about the Hipster from the creators themselves, and more importantly, taste the goods.


Stay tuned for the schedule, coming soon!