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Coffee Masters London Is Back! 2016 Sponsors Unveiled

Coffee Masters New York may be over for this year, but fear not. It’s returning to its original home – London –  next April. And, we’re thrilled to announce the line-up of sponsors: Caravan Coffee Roasters, Faema, MahlkonigBrita, Alpro and Acme & Co.




For not one, but three whole years Caravan Coffee Roasters will be supporting the competition, ensuring the contenders have the best quality coffee on offer to work their magic with. Placing emphasis on provenance, sustainability and freshness, the team couldn’t be a more perfect partner for Coffee Masters. Sam Langdon, their Head Roaster/Buyer is now a qualified Q-grader. Steven Hall, their Head QC/Assistant Buyer has trained baristas in WBC for a number of years and Luke Kristofski who competed in this year’s Coffee Masters is now their head trainer. Welcome aboard guys!


Working closely alongside Caravan Coffee Roasters will be iconic coffee machine maker Faema. Yes that’s right, successful entrants will have the pleasure of brewing their coffee using Faema’s E61 Replica ‘Legend’ two-group machine, which was re-introduced 40 years after its revolutionary launch. With its classic body and timeless appeal, it’ll give competitors an opportunity to really show off their skills.


We also see the return of Alpro, a champion of plant-based products like soya and coconut milk, Mahlkonig, who will be helping the baristas get their grind on for the next two years with its EK 43 grinder, and Brita, who will be providing the purest of water to not only Coffee Masters, but the entire London Coffee FestivalMiles Dawson from BRITA Professional comments, ‘We’re delighted to renew our partnership as Official Water Sponsor of the London Coffee Festival and Coffee Masters competition. We’ll be providing SCAE specification water to all competitors and exhibitors throughout the event. So, whether you’re on stand or taking to the stage, we’ll ensure your water matches the quality of your coffee.


Last, but by no means least, Acme & Co will be creating our limited edition Coffee Masters cups, all boasting the recognisable diamond logo. Want to get your hands on one? They’ll be available to buy on the London Coffee Festival website in no time. Keep your eyes peeled!




So what can you expect from Coffee Masters 2016? If you were lucky enough to attend last year’s event, you know the drill. For those of you who don’t know – or were so caught up in the tensity of it all and have somehow forgotten – Coffee Masters is a fast-paced, fun-filled event that sees the world’s very best baristas go head-to head in six (pretty gruelling) battles:

1. The Cupping

Think you’ve got a palette? The judges will soon find out.


2. The Brewing

Can contenders choose the right brewing method for their coffee? And will they be able to demonstrate an expert understanding of grinding in order to maximise on taste?


3. The Latte Art

One roll of the dice and a design is chosen; baristas are challenged to deliver specific patterns on milk-based drinks, against a ticking clock.


4. The Order

The real test. Competitors are given an order of ten espresso-based drinks to produce. Sound easy? Not when faced with the pressure of being judged on both technical and sensory skills, cleanliness and hospitality. Did we mention there’s just nine minutes to complete the order?


5. The Signature Drink

When things get boozy. Last year’s winner James Bailey mixed up a ‘Pour Over Lime,’ served in a Tiki man glass. That’s a concoction of Kenya Kabingara AA coffee, unrefined palm sugar, Matahari absinthe, Germana cachaca and Diplomatic Exclusiva Reserva rum, to you and me.


6. The Espresso Blend

Using coffees chosen in the Cupping round, competitors must create their own bespoke espresso blend.

CM_SEMI'S_010 copy


And the prize? The title of Coffee Master, 2016 plus £5,000. That’s the biggest prize in the competitive coffee world.


Think you’ve got what it takes? Apply now! It’s free, and all you have to do is submit a one-minute signature drink video, along with a snapshot of your most beautiful face. It’s that simple.


Good luck, and remember that applications close on 31 December, 2015.