Barista Face-Off

Barista Face Off: Yuko Inoue vs Sonali Tailor

They might be able to deal with pressure profiling or perfecting latte art design, but how do Coffee Masters contenders measure up when we quiz them?


In this week’s Barista Face Off, testing the competitors’ wit and knowledge, we pit two of our Wildcards – both from the UK – against each other.


Two baristas; five questions


Now, we see how their answers measure up in our Barista Face Off!


Yuko InoueYuko-Inoue

Sonali TailorSonali-Tailor

Yuko Inoue from Timberyard vs Sonali Tailor from Grumpy Mule

1. How do you take your coffee?

Yuko Inoue: I like drinking coffee as black. I usually drink filter coffee! 0

Sonali Tailor: Normally black – made through my woodneck or a piccolo. 1


2. Most awkward moment in your coffee career?

YI: When someone ordered decaf espresso with an extra shot in it. 1

ST: When I tried to explain to one barista that I found steaming soy milk with the espresso in the jug can give it a smoother texture to ensure it wouldn’t curdle – the response I got was a blank face… 0


3. Favourite internet pet celebrity?

YI: Marutaro on Instagram – he is a Japanese shiba. 1

ST: Dog Bread! I consider him to be a celebrity! 0


4. Who do you most admire?

YI: Hidenori Izaki – The world barista champion of 2014. 0

ST: My mum, dad and sister. It sounds like the usual answer, but I wouldn’t be this driven if it wasn’t for them and I’ve always been taught to be myself and work hard. This is the reason I have loved working and learning. 1


5. What advice would you offer to people new to the world of speciality coffee?

YI: Avoid bad coffee and drink coffee without sugar. 0

ST: Learn at your own pace. Don’t feel intimidated by other peoples ‘success’ be confident and be willing to learn and share at every opportunity! Unfortunately that is what the world of Specialty Coffee seems to have lost. 1



And this week’s winner is Sonali with 3 points!